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Are these daily immune support vitamins safe if I'm allergic to soy?

Our VeraVida Daily Immune Support Vitamins do not contain any soy. They are safe to consume if you have soy sensitivities. Aside from soy allergies, there are other concerns about this ingredient.

Soy protein contains phytates, also known as antinutrients. This reduces iron and zinc in soy protein. Soy also contains the female hormone, estrogen. This could effect the hormones in the body either positively or negatively, depending on your hormonal balance.

We make our products exclusive to everyone and try to accommodate all dietary and health concerns. In place of soy, we still include many ingredients that provide nutritional and healthy benefits

Another thing to look at for if you are taking other supplements, are the ingredients in the processing of the pill or capsule itself. Some vitamins may contain soybean oil or soy lecithin as a binding agent. This can also read as “lecithin” on the bottle.

When taking VeraVida Daily Immune Support Vitamins with other products, check to see if soy is present. If you are sensitive to soy, you may experience a reaction if taking VeraVida Immune Support Vitamins at the same time.

If this is the case, it is best to contact a healthcare professional to proceed with the next necessary steps.

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