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How and where should I store my VeraVida daily immune support vitamins?

It is best to store your VeraVida Vitamins in a cool and dry location. There are many areas in your home or office that will provide the best storage. Keep in mind, just because some of your other supplements and vitamins are stored in a certain place, it doesn't mean it is the right place for VeraVida Vitamins.

Unless the bottle indicates that the product needs to be refrigerated, do not keep it in the fridge. Although the fridge is cool and dry, it can also produce moisture. This may destroy the ingredients and tarnish what is in the bottle. Refrigeration is commonly used to preserve supplements that are in the form of liquid vitamins, fish oils, flaxseed oil, and probiotics.

Some bathrooms come with medicine cabinets, but again, this not always the best place for certain vitamins. Bathrooms can get humid and produce moisture. This can deplete the potency of some vitamins. Bathrooms are also places where bacteria and germs can thrive.

The ideal storage for VeraVida Vitamins are cupboards or safe storage that will keep them dry, cool, away from sunlight, and out of reach from children and pets.

Storing your vitamins in the proper environment will ensure they maintain as effective and potent up to their expiry date.

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