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Can VeraVida Daily Immune Support Supplements cause stomach issues?

Any supplement, including VeraVida Daily Immune Supplements, can cause stomach issues if taken improperly. Many people are not aware of this, but simply swallowing a supplement doesn’t mean you’re always going to absorb the full potential of the nutrients.

VeraVida Daily Immune Supplements are water-soluble. You might have heard the term ‘water-soluble’ before, but never really understood what it means or how it affects the way you absorb and break down Vitamins in your body.

Water-soluble means it dissolves in water. We make our supplements water-soluble because it is easier to break down and faster to make their way into your system. This is usually why some supplements come in capsules and not pressed tablets.

When you consume a tablet, it usually has a slow-release into your system. Taking supplements such as VerVida Daily Immune Supplements is fast release, resulting in faster results.

To properly absorb VeraVida Daily Immune Supplements, we suggest taking it first thing in the morning with a glass of water. Because it is a fast-release supplement, taking it in the morning will allow you to feel the benefits throughout the day. If you feel like the supplement has not made its way down your throat, continue to drink water until it does.

Leaving any supplement to absorb in your throat could lead to burning in the lining of your throat or inflammation. If you are taking our supplements and experience any stomach issues, it might be because of this reason.

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