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Is it better to take the VeraVida Daily Immune Support multivitamins in the morning or at night?

We recommend taking the VeraVida multivitamins in the morning to stimulate metabolism and other functions in the body. It is best to take the multivitamins with a glass of water to increase absorption.

In the rare case that this approach causes an upset stomach, you might want to try taking them at night before you go to bed. Just make sure you completely swallow the multivitamin before lying down or falling asleep. Leaving any kind of supplement to dissolve in your throat may cause burning in the lining of your throat and lead to inflammation.

Taking the VeraVida multivitamins in the morning can help with your overall performance throughout the day. It works well for energy, stress, and boosting your immune system.

Vitamins and minerals are all absorbed differently. Our VeraVida Daily Immune Support has a combination of over 20 immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. Because most of the vitamins and minerals are water-soluble we recommend consuming with water.

More importantly, being consistent with your daily multivitamins is how you will get the most benefits from it. Our formula contains healthy vitamins and minerals that gradually rebuild insufficient nutrients over time. On a regular and consistent schedule, these ingredients become more concentrated and effective.

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