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How should I take the VeraVida Daily Immune Support vitamins?

VeraVida Daily Immune Support Supplements can be taken once a day for maximum results and support for a healthy immune function. To reduce the chances of an upset stomach, you can take our supplements with a glass of water. This may help with the digestion process and improve the absorption of ingredients.

Some of the ingredients in our supplements, like riboflavin and niacin, are water-soluble vitamins and absorb better with water on an empty stomach. A great way to incorporate this into your daily routine is to take it first thing in the morning before having anything to eat.

We also recommend taking VeraVida Daily Immune Support at the same time every day to reduce the risk of adverse effects. The formula in our supplements has been carefully selected to slowly increase the concentration over time.

Supplements could take several weeks to rebuild insufficient nutrients in the body depending on your health. Forgetting to take your daily supplements could slow down this process. Because our supplements contain some ingredients that are not stored in the body, inconsistency may affect the effectiveness.

We have carefully selected the ingredients and appropriate dosage for every single capsule that provides the maximum results if taken daily. Following these guidelines also reduces the risk of harm associated with ingesting too much of certain nutrients.

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